How do you create a fun routine for you and your family?


Fun routine? Yes, I believe that we can create an enjoyable routine that is fun for everyone. We just have to be creative. How? Perhaps, you could create a nice schedule for you and your family about things that everyone enjoys, besides the regular commitments. For example: After I take care of all my regular chores, I try to incorporate a fun activity every evening with the kids and my husband to end the night on an enjoyable note. You may think that there is no time for it, but when you want something to happen, it can happen.

Your fun activity does not have to take much time, it could last an hour at the most. The point is to add some excitement to your schedule, and break the routine of the demanded tasks that you absolutely must perform (work, cook dinner, do the dishes, etc.). Some of the activities I add to my weekly schedule include (be as creative as possible): Puzzling Monday, Ice Creaming Tuesday, Dancing Wednesday, Thursday’s Art, and Friday Movie Night just to name a few of them. What do you think?