Classes and Activities

Free classes are often provided by your town or state. Your local library and community center are both great resources.

(La versión en español está debajo de la de ingles)

Free (or inexpensive) Classes
• Your local library story time and educational activities
• Your local state / town programs (i.e. California has a program called First 5 for example. Search for your state or local town free programs that are similar). Call your city’s parks & recreation department or Chamber of Commerce.
• Early Head Start (for qualified families that have children 0-3 years old –
• Head Start (for qualified families that have children 3-4 years old)
• Early Intervention Programs (if your child qualifies)
• Childrens’ Play Houses (Check with your local town church or community center for options in your town. There is no religion involved during these play houses.)
• Non-profit organizations (i.e. Catholic Charities serves millions of people a year, regardless of their religious, social, or economic background. A great place to start is to check with your local United Way.)

Classes Gratis
• Busca clases de cuentos y actividades en la biblioteca de tu ciudad
• Programas gratis del estado o la ciudad donde resides (por ejemplo: California tiene un programa llamado First 5, tan solo has una búsqueda en el internet sobre programas en tu ciudad que son gratis y auspiciados por el gobierno local o federal)
• Early Head Start (para las familias que califiquen)-
• Head Start (para las familias que califiquen)
• Eventos de iglesias para entretener a los niños (busca en la iglesias locales de tu ciudad sobre eventos)
• Programas de caridad (i.e Catholic Charities sirve a millones de gente independientemente de su religión o situación económica)

Paid Classes and Activities
• School cooperatives in your area (some school cooperatives may charge a small fee and/or you will need to volunteer at the school.)
• Little Gym –
• Gymboree Classes-
• YMCA –
• Check your town community center or recreation department.
• Check the annual memberships of your town’s zoo and childrens’ museums. They often organize educational events that are a lot of fun for you and your kids.
• Check for music and dancing classes where everyone can join together.
Among many others…

Clases Privadas y otras Actividades
• Escuelas que son parte de cooperativas (tu necesitaras trabajar como voluntario y tal vez te cobren una cantidad simbólica)
• Little Gym-
• Gymboree Classes-
• Busca clases en el centro de comunidad de tu ciudad
• Obtén membresías en el museo o zoológico de niños de tu ciudad. Estas instituciones generalmente organizan eventos muy divertidos para tus niños y toda la familia
• Busca clases privadas de música y baile en las que todos puedan participar
Entre muchas otras actividades…

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