How do moms maintain a balanced and a healthy life style for them and family?

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This is a tricky question and I am sure that many moms could have a lot to share. Here are 7 action items that have made a difference in my life:

1. Take care of myself first, so I can take care of others – This may sound selfish, but it is not and it has worked very well for me. This is what I mean: Take time for yourself  – read a book, call or meet a friend, go exercise, go for a spa treatment, meditate, write, continue your education, volunteer, work or pursue your goals, and do whatever gives you peace without interruptions from your kids and husband.

2. Pay or ask a family member or /and a friend for help – Yes, it is ok to ask for help! While the person of your choice is helping, you could: Go out on a date with your husband, have a friend’s night out, go to a spa, have some “me” time, attend a class, exercise, etc. Try to do this as often as possible.

3. Organize play dates and stay social – Whether you are working or not, I believe that it is very healthy for you and the kids to stay connected and social. You could always organize play dates with your kids’ school mates, attend b-day parties, and attend special events. If your kiddos are not going to school yet, you can always introduce yourself to other moms and organize activities / gatherings.

4. Try to do it, specifically if you are not feeling motivated – Staying active and engaged in positive activities with your kids is key for a healthy balance. Staying active keeps your mind and body healthy, so do your best to go out. Even if that means to just go to the park or a gym. Some of the best mommy friends that I have now are the ones I met at the park. Here is a list of tips that have helped me stay motivated and you may like to try:

-Educational classes with your community center, local library, and your town’s family events (try to check free classes from your state and town). Please check my page about classes and activities:

-Attend an exercise class such as Zumba with kids or any other one that gets you all moving

-Make a habit of reading positive books or informational materials that inspire you as a mother and woman

-Share your goals with family and friends and ask them to follow up on the progress of them to hold you responsible. In this way, a little pressure will encourage you to accomplish your goals

5. Check your health – Try to have a healthy diet, exercise, and schedule your routine health check-ups to make sure everything is all right. Sometimes, it may be that you just need some vitamins and good sleep to help increase your energy, so try to take care of your health the best you can.

6. Practice meditation, yoga, or a breathing exercise to help you relax – This point is specifically very important to me. It is important that whenever you can, you find some quiet time to recapitulate your day and meditate on how you can do things better. Perhaps, you can learn something new to continue to improve things.

7. Pray and be grateful – I believe in the power of praying very much. It just gives me so much peace. No matter who’s God you pray to, praying is just healthy. Also, being grateful is extremely positive to our bodies and mind. When you are greatful, you start appreciating the little things and the big things in life. And this action, creates a positive feeling that instantly makes you feel better.

What do you think?