Children and Self-Esteem


How do we help develop healthy self-esteem in our children? I am still trying to figure it out, but many books advise trying the following:

  1. Pay attention to what you tell your child – Ask yourself: Am I really encouraging them? Also, praise your child not only for a good job, but for the average one as well.
  2. Be a role model – Try to be positive and encourage good behaviors and habits.
  3. Clarify any assumptions your kid may make about him or herself. In other words, help them understand that they don’t need to be perfect, and don’t allow them to be condescending to themselves.
  4. Try to be loving, caring, and patient with your child.
  5. Organize healthy activities that help your child realize his or her potential (i.e. sports, art classes, music lessons, etc.).
  6. Pay attention to their behavior and act accordingly to address any issues (bullying, etc.)
  7. Try to be their friend and not only an authority figure.

What do you do? I have so much to learn…Please share your thoughts:)